10 Beautiful Hill Places For Tourism

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10 Beautiful Hill Places For Tourism

If we have to write an assignment on mountain tourism, you can take the help of professional writers and the Assignment Help UK will provide you with a good essay. However, if you do not want to take the help, this essay is a sample which will help you to write a tourism essay on hill sites. The world is full of incredible natural landscapes that dazzle and attract tourists to different parts of the planet. The mountains are one of the elements of nature that most arouse people’s interest because these rock formations can be incredibly beautiful and fascinating. In addition, they pose a challenge for climbers who try to reach the top. Enjoy the dazzling landscapes of these mountains. Of great height, sacred, epicenters of important events; the mountains are a very prominent part of our geography, let us live where we live. We have learned about them in school and they fascinate us. Therefore, today we tell you about the most famous hillside tourism destinations in the world. This tour will make you travel from here to there and you can start on the road to be an expert mountaineer! Take a look at this selection with the most beautiful mountains worth knowing in your life.

1 – Makalu (Tibet-Nepal)

It measures more than 8,480 meters and was climbed for the first time in 1955. It is the fifth highest in the world and is located in the mountain range that also hosts Everest, more precisely on the border between China and Nepal.

  1. Tindaya, Fuerteventura (Spain)

The ancient majoreros adored this mountain, to the point of taking offerings and gifts and carving engravings on its rock. Over 300 of these drawings have been found and have made it a renowned archaeological site for the Canary archipelago. The aborigines said that it had magical powers and that it was related to the moon and fertility.

Beautiful Hill Places

  1. Lhotse (Nepal)

It is another of the most famous and impressive mountains on the planet; It measures 8,516 meters. The first man to reach the summit began his journey in 1956. It is connected to the south by Everest and is located in the Khumbu area on the border with Chinese Tibet.

  1. Kailash (India)

Solitary and majestic, something hidden among the moles of Tibet, it remains a place of pilgrimage for residents who follow the Hindu religion, who believe that Shiva (the god of destruction) lives on the summit. The circuit to travel, including monasteries, lasts 3 days and goes clockwise.

  1. Kanchenjunga (India and Nepal)

At the edge of the Himalayas and 8,586 meters high, it has 5 snow-capped peaks continuously, known as ‘the 5 treasures of snow’  and represent the repositories of God: gold, silver, gems, grains and sacred books. Three of these peaks are in Nepalese lands and two in Indian lands.

  1. OlDoinyoLengai (Tanzania)

It is sacred to the Masai. It is a volcano of 2,980 meters with two cones, one of them still active (the constant fumaroles are the proof) and the other full of vegetation that arose thanks to the volcanic ash. Beliefs indicate that lava is a sign of God’s wrath.

  1. K2 (Pakistan and China)

It has a height of 8,611 meters (it is the second highest in the world) and is located on the border between these two countries. The residents call it the ‘wild mountain’ or ‘Chogori’ and it was climbed for the first time in 1954. Climbing it is really difficult, that’s why it has that name.

Beautiful Hill Places

  1. Shasta (United States)

It is north of California, almost on the Oregon border; according to the natives of the Klamath, it is the home of the supra-terrestrial spirit, Skell. It is also said that spacecraft land there. If you believe in the mystical powers of the mountains, take a walk in summer through this site. Without a doubt, a beautiful place to be in contact with nature.

  1. Fuji (Japan)

This well-known volcano of Nipponese land is the most photographed natural monument of that country. During the summer, there is a slow procession to the top, to commemorate the ancestors. It is believed that, in a specific week of the year, the spirits of the relatives return to visit us. To know which way to go, you have to be guided by the lanterns in the cabins. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the sunrise from the top of the Fuji even if it is full of people.

  1. Everest (Nepal and Tibet)

Of course, I could not miss the inescapable reference if the most famous mountains are involved. Everest is 8,848 meters and is known as ‘the sacred mother’ or ‘the forehead of heaven’. It was climbed for the first time in 1953 and belongs to the Himalayas.

While most of these mountains are located in Asia  – and in the Himalayas – there are surely dozens of elevations closer to your city. They all have great stories!

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