5 Best Places In Lahore that One Must Visit

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5 Best Places In Lahore that One Must Visit

Lahore is a vibrant and dynamic city that embraces everyone with open arms. This Pakistani city which was once famous as the fashion capital of India has lush green gardens, historic buildings food streets, trees lined roads and much more. Tourists who have a craving for different art, culture and entertainment events have got a lot of stuff in Lahore to satiate their taste.

An exciting thing about Lahore is that just like other historic cities of the world like London and Paris, it is a beautiful amalgam of past and present. Those who want to make a comparison between 500 to 600 years old civic life with that of the present years must pay a visit to Lahore.

Here is the list of top Best Places in Lahore.

  1. Badshahi Mosque

Lahore’s historic Badshahi Mosque is a peaceful and majestic place. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb built this mosque in 1673 and completed it in two years. The building has a vast courtyard with a pool in its center and a praying hall. It can accommodate more than 100,000 prayers. The mosque is located in the western side of Walled City and presents a beautiful view of the surrounding. The interior designing on the ceiling and walls of the mosque is a mix of the Islamic and Mughal architecture of the seventeenth century.

Badshahi Mosque

  1. Shalimar Garden

Lahore is famous as a city of gardens. The beautiful Shalimar Garden which is a manifestation of the exquisite taste of Mughal emperors regarding buildings and public places. The garden has water fountains, historic buildings, and a strong boundary wall. The fun fact is that Mughal emperor Shahjahan who built Tajmahal in Agra was the one who ordered the construction of this garden.

  1. Shrines of Saints Particularly Data Darbar

Lahore is also home to shrines of great Sufi saints. Thousands of devotees pay a visit to these shrines Sufi shrines every day. The famous among these shrines are Data Darbar located in BhatiChowk, Shrine of Shah Hussain, Shrine of Mian Mir and Shrine of Shah Jamal. Paying a visit to the mausoleums of these Sufi saints who preached the lesson of peace and harmony is another soul-enriching experience.

Shrines of Saints

  1. Food Street

Lahore and food are synonymous with each other. One can’t just get past this beautiful city without tasting the mouthwatering desi food. New Food Street in Lahore that faces historic Badshahi Mosque and Royal Fort is a worth visit. The place features roof-top restaurants that present a magnificent view of old Lahore. In fact, if one has to catch a glimpse of Old Lahore, then this is the place to visit.

  1. Jahangir Tomb

The tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir which is located on the bank of river Ravi is another worth seeing-sight. The building is another manifestation of Mughal architecture. It is embellished with marbles and red stones. Carved marbles inlaid in the wall also adds to the royalty of the place. The garden of the tomb is also a scenic place which is best for picnics and taking leisure strolls.


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