Are Their Any Benefits Behind CBD Oil Uses ?

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Are Their Any Benefits Behind CBD Oil Uses ?

What is Marijuana? It is a dried herb that comes from the Sativa or Indica Cannabis plant.  What is CBD oil vs. Hemp oil vs. cannabis oil? In order to understand the benefits of CBD oil uses, you have to know the difference between the three. CBD oil is made from the flowers and stalk of the cannabis plant but has less than 3% THC in it. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the plant and cannabis oil is made from the whole plant and has that “get you high” effect to it and contains more than 3% THC.

Although it is still illegal by the Feds because of its labeling as a Substance 1 drug. Meaning it is a drug with no medical use, you are unable to have, sell within state or to sell across borders. People still sell it recreational and medical CBD oil over the counter and as gums to treat certain diseases and ailments. Washington, D.C. and 29 other states have legalized the use of these oils. Georgia only allows it’s used to cure specific diseases and 17 other states have strict regulatory laws against it’s use.

Last but not least, Why do we need it? For healing

CBD oil uses are:


  1. Aids in quitting smoking
  2. Helps insomnia- Recommend using before going to sleep.
  3. Bone growth- In rodents with broken bones, when exposed their bones grow together faster.
  4. Treats seizures- Children who experience epilepsy it was a mood improved and helped them sleep better.
  5. Anti-inflammatory- Properties in help with inflammation
  6. Treats cancers- Proven to stop many cases of cervical cancer. Agent in aiding to prostate and breast cancer also kills cells of tumors in other cancers.
  7. Protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease if caught early protects the brain against toxicity.
  8. Multiple Sclerosis- Relieves muscle tightness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  9. Phycosis treatment
  10. Reduce Anxiety and aids in public speaking
  11. Arthritis – Stops the progression and inflammation
  12. Increases appetite – Bonding receptors in the body to help people with HIV and cancer.
  13. Helps with nausea
  14. Healthy heart and reduce blood pressure – Dilates the arteries when stressful situations are occurring.
  15. Treatment in Staph infections.
  16. Treats substance abuse- Curbs the want of heroin and morphine.
  17. Anti-inflammatory to your sebaceous glands decreasing acne.
  18. May help Psoriasis
  19. Reduces involuntary movement in Dyskinesia
  20. Multiple Sclerosis- Helps with muscle spasms and stiffness due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil does have side effects like anything else because every person reacts differently. You could experience cottonmouth, lightheaded, a feeling of sedation or even a low blood pressure. When THC and CBD are combined you may experience lack of motivation so use caution when using like anything else. Overall CBD oil uses has a tremendous impact on helping instead of hindering humans and should be used as an alternative to Western medicine.


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