Best South Indian Temples To Visit

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Best South Indian Temples To Visit

India is a diverse country and secular country where each person lives in harmony with one another. From north to south and east to west India is an abode of magnificent monuments. Coming to south India it has temples which are legendary and each monument tells a different tale.


Amongst many, these are the 10 best temples to visit in south India:-

1) MEENAKSHI TEMPLE:-  Meenakshi temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and parvati. It is located on the banks of river Vaigai. This temple is an epitope of cultural beauty and magnificent art. It was in the top 30 nominees for the ‘seven wonders of the world’. The halls, gopurams, and shrines are the selling features of this temple.

2) VENKATESHWARA TEMPLE:- Venkateshwara temple is located on the hilltop of Tirumala. It is also known as Tirumala Balaji temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is built in Dravidian style and is rich in its archaeological history. In terms of donations, it is the richest temples in India as it has more than a million visitors each year.

Best South Indian Temples To Visit

3) AIHOLE AND PATTADAKAL:-  These capital cities of Chalukyas period have their temples built from the 5th century. Popularly Aihole is also known as ‘cradle of Hindu rock architecture’. Some famous temples of Aihole and Pattadakal are  Sangameshwara temple, Lad Khan temple, Jain temple, etc.

4) THE BRIHADESHWARA TEMPLE:-  The Brihadeshwara temple is located in Tamil Nadu. This was built under the Chola dynasty in the city of Thanjavur. It is a splendid example of Tamilian architecture. It is also a part of UNESCO world heritage.

5) VITHALLA TEMPLE:-  Vithalla temple is a living legend of Hampi’s grandeur architecture. It is popularly known as musical pillars as the pillars emit musical notes when they are stuck in a certain manner. Dedicated to Lord Shiva this spectacular masterpiece showcasing its awe-striking architecture.

6) SRI RAGANATHSWAMY TEMPLE:- The Ragnathswamy temple is located in Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli is built on river Kaveri.  It is exclusively rich in architecture and looks magnificent in its appearance.  It is one of the largest religious complexes in the world and is also one of the eight ‘Swayam Vyakta Kshetras’.

7) AYYAPPA TEMPLE:-  Dedicated to Lord Ayyappa it is located in Sabarimala temple. It has a huge religious impact on its visitors. This temple is rich in cultural and social elements attached to it. Being the largest annual pilgrimage site it attracts more than 10 million visitors every year.

8) VIRUPAKSHA TEMPLE:-  The Virupaksha temple was built in the early 7th century is famous for its grand gopuram,  architecture and intricate carvings. It is a part of both religious ceremonies and marriages. It is also a part of world heritage UNESCO.

9) RAMANATHASWAMY TEMPLE:- The name Ramanthaswamy originates from the name Rameshwaram which is an island on Tamil Nadu on which this temple is situated. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among the 12 Jyotirlinga temples in the country, it is one among them.  Among all the south Indian temples this temple has the largest and the most ornate corridors. It is also amongst one of the Char Dhams for pilgrimage visits.

10) MAHABALESHWAR TEMPLE:- Mahabaleshwar temple is located on the shores of Arabian sea in Gokarna. Built-in Dravidian style in architecture this temple is popular because it unfolds the history of many gods. The most attracting feature for tourists is the hole in the center of the temple from which one can see the Atmalinga.

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