Every Female Must Know about these Genius Style Hacks

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Every Female Must Know about these Genius Style Hacks

The style is something that does not come easily but it is also something that can be learned. It’s really hard to say what makes a woman stylish, her clothes, the way she carries them, her attitude, her inherent flair, brands… That’s the thing about style, it’s really difficult to define it, but really simple to notice.

But there’s one thing in common amongst the women who are stylish, that is their out-of-the-box dressing style that simply catches the eye. Personal style is a road well-travelled and until you don’t travel the style road yourself you’ll not get the knack no matter how hard you try. That’s it, trying hard enough to be stylish is where most get stuck as the style should be an effortless affair, not something you need to work hard on.

Here are a few style hacks that will definitely get you going on the right fashion track.

Style advice

Always take style advice from people you know are good at it. There honest opinion matters and will take you a long way to fashion journey.

Stick with the classics

Sticking to what’s trending is good but sometimes a waste of good money as the trends keep changing. Why not invest in some classic pieces like Amazon saree that are always in vogue.

Picture perfect

Click a picture of yourself when you are all set to step out of the door. Sometimes an outfit looks different in the mirror and much different in a picture. You’ll know the difference with just a snap.

Shoe style

For most fashion style begins with their shoes. Focus on the shoes as they can break or make any look. Keep some classic style along with latest trendy shoes to up your style quotient.

Shoe style

Love your colours

Even if you are dressed in black from head to toe adding some colours with accessories or makeup can do the trick. Let your colourful personality come across.

Get in touch

If you find another interesting lady whose style is what draws you then go ahead and link up with her through social media. Maybe you both have something else in common other than keeping it stylish.

Collect your treasure

Be on the lookout for treasure pieces when you are travelling. Flea markets, yard sales, artisanal markets, vintage stores are some of the places where you might find some treasure pieces that too at a bargain, so keep your eyes open for something unique in your wardrobe. Try these style hacks & thank us later!

Quality over quantity

Invest in quality pieces that will last you for years. What matters is to look stylish rather than buying inexpensive stuff in quantity.

Get it tailored

Sometimes because of your body shape, it might be difficult to find dresses that fit you perfectly. If this is the case with you then no worries, just take it to your local tailor and get it altered in your fit.

Get it tailored

Explore and experience

When visiting a new city ask the locals where to find the speciality of the city and you never know what hidden treasures you might get. Just walk, wander and explore.

Tee story

While travelling always carry a white and a black t-shirt as you never know when the weather changes and they come in handy for layering. Also, you can wear a dress underneath and top it up with a tee for the day look and take it off and your evening look is on.

Shop for every day, not a particular day

If you buy something to wear for a particular day or event chances are it will be worn only once or twice and then will just be a part of your closet. Shop for pieces not because you need them for any particular occasion but because you’d love to wear them, and in this case, you’ll find many occasions.


Clothes are personal and should not be bought by someone else’s opinion until unless their style matches yours. People with good style have a consistency as they always, no matter what they wear look stylish.


Wardrobe clearance

Raid your closet every few months just to see what clothes are not being in use. Either give them to someone or sell them off online and make a place for newer clothes. These ways your wardrobe would be getting fresh recruits and not being piled up.

Be app-savvy

Download fashion apps and start your searches there for creative styles. You’ll most certainly find something that works for you. Latest fashion trends, interesting style hacks, DIYs & many more!


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