Explore The Taj Mahal Through The Palace On Wheels

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Explore The Taj Mahal Through The Palace On Wheels

And The beauty of Agra and one of the seven wonders of the world, the beautiful and marvelous Taj Mahal is a must-visit monument in your life at least once. The marble mausoleum in Agra is the center of attraction for Uttar Pradesh tourism. The grandeur and architectural significance of the monument attract everyone’s heart to visit.experiencing this wonder with a wonderful and luxurious Palace on Wheels is must try

experience. In every itinerary package of Palace on Wheels includes Agra. It is an adorable thing traveling to Taj Mahal in India’s the best renowned luxurious train.

Journey to Agra with Palace on Wheels:

The board will reach Agra by morning or afternoon according to your preferred itinerary. After that, you can leave the train to round up the beauty of love and charm, the marvelous Taj Mahal.

Brief History of Taj Mahal:

The beautiful mausoleum of Mumtaz was built by Shah Jahan in the 17th century. It took 22 years to complete and 22,000 workers, artisans, craftsman, etc worked for the construction of the Taj Mahal. The king Shah Jahan built this beautiful monument to his love Mumtaz after her death while giving birth to a child. Immense love of Shah Jahan over Mumtaz was the reason, for having such a beautiful monument for us.

Palace On Wheels

What made Taj Mahal popular?

The epitome of love, Taj Mahal in Agra is a tranquil and pleasant destination in Agra alongside River Yamuna. Taj Mahal was recognized as the best architectural significant monument over all the monuments and buildings of the Mughal dynasty. That’s the imperial greatness of the Taj Mahal made everyone likes to visit.

From every corner of the world, a large number of people visit Taj Mahal daily to praise the architectural brilliance and the adorable attractions in and around of Taj Mahal. The beautiful marble work, the intricate designs over the walls, wonderful calligraphy work, and some other small monuments in the complex of the Taj Mahal attracts everyone attention.

And the beautiful garden of the Taj Mahal is the other major attraction for tourists. The garden was completely filled with numerous rose flower plants, mango trees, daffodils, etc. The view of the Taj Mahal from the garden looks very beautiful and charming. Leisurely enjoying the pleasantness and the greenery of the garden premises will be restored for you like the best moments forever at Taj Mahal.

Finally, the architectural significance of the monument means unspeakably. The materials like marble stones, other precious stones, etc are imported from many countries in Asia. Here you can see some precious and semi-precious stones which were adorned to the Taj Mahal. However, the Taj Mahal is a wonderful monument in India which is impossible to build like this monument once again anywhere in the world.

Scenic wonders of Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is known for its architectural brilliance and attractions but the changing color theme of the monument is a wonderful experience. The color of it changes according to the time and light. During the mornings it will be in pinkish color, by evenings it will turn into milky white, and especially when moonlight falls its color will change into golden color.

The best time to visit Taj Mahal means during full moon days because at this time the glory and attraction of it will be doubled and more attractive. At night time, the Taj Mahal looks admiring with twinkling and glorious lights. Everything and every corner of Taj Mahal are wonderful and admirable.

Embark your journey and know more about the Palace on Wheels train cost and see the beauty of Taj Mahal.


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