Gourmet And Regular Cakes What Is The Difference?

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Gourmet And Regular Cakes What Is The Difference?

Perhaps the anniversary or birthday of your beloved one is fast approaching and it is high time to take the decision to get cakes. Probably you are confused as to which type of cake should be used for the occasion to impress her/him. With plenty of varieties found easily, ranging from customized to gourmet cakes, the selection can really be a tough process.

Know the difference

You should not base your selection only on your instinct. Rather, you need to find out the different categories present and also know the difference that exists between regular and gourmet cakes. This will help you to make a well-educated and careful.

Style and decoration

The fact is not every cake designed with special decoration can be stated to be a gourmet cake. The latter is indeed created specially, having exquisite styles. However, this is not the only aspect which separates gourmet cakes from that of the regular ones.

Regular Cakes

Carefully chosen seasonal ingredients

Seasonal and fresh ingredients are an absolute inclusion when baking gourmet cakes. But this does not mean that regular cakes use stale ingredients! However, gourmet or custom cakes do require greater attention to ensure proper baking and being delicious, thus meeting the satisfactory quotient of the baker. It may be seasonal produce or organic products used.

When chilled mango praline type of cake is being discussed, it is a real specialty/gourmet, as it is only seasonally available. This cake is prepared using chunks of mango, fresh cream, and almond praline. These ingredients do make it a tasty gourmet or customized cake.

Batch or tailor made

Special care is very much needed in the preparation of gourmet cakes. It is not in batches that it gets dished out. There are portals offering online cake delivery in Jaipur. The professional bakers who come up with customized cakes can create cakes on request having special themes and flavors, to suit the specific occasion. But regular cakes could be created in batches and made from standard flavors or ingredients. The pineapple cake, butterscotch and chocolate cake being baked without using any special seasonal produce or theme are considered to be a regular cake.

Go gourmet for special occasions

If that special and unique factor is to be introduced into the occasion, then gourmet cakes are the best choice. They are excellent selections for the wedding reception, anniversary, fine dining or landmark birthday and another corporate event. Such cases are not found regularly in the shop and would definitely require putting in plenty of planning and thought. The regular cake is the type that can be easily found at any shop or online portal for any occasion or for casual consumption.

Regular Cakes

Pricing structure

It is the special factor that surrounds gourmet cakes that makes it unique and a bit more expensive when compared to regular cakes. But spending that extra money on it is worth the try and effort. The surprise and happiness noticed on the recipient and the party crowd will be really delightful.


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