Here Are The Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

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Here Are The Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

One thing everybody can agree with is that ice cream is delicious! There’s not a single moment you taste ice cream and think… well, that was disgusting? It is always sweet, and the feeling of ice cream slowly melting in your mouth on a hot summer afternoon is nothing short of heavenly feeling. But beyond the taste and pleasure that comes with indulging in ice cream, there are various surprising health benefits of eating ice cream. How does my health improve, you may ask? Health Benefits Well read on to find out;

Ice cream is vitamin rich

Vitamins play various roles in the human body. Vitamins help facilitate metabolism, it aids in increasing one’s immunity levels and also improves digestion. Eating ice cream supplies your body with numerous vitamins which include;

  • Vitamin K– It prevents clotting of blood and facilitates faster blood flow throughout the body
  • Vitamin B-6– aids in metabolism
  • Vitamin A– promotes better vision and overall eye health
  • Vitamin D– Helps the body better absorb nutrients and calcium
  • Vitamin B-12– it strengthens the nervous system and also aids in improving your long-term memory

Health Benefits

It is an excellent source of energy

Ice cream contains proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. These are crucial elements that enable the human body to generate energy. Don’t feel guilty about taking a few scoops of ice cream on a slow day at work. Go ahead this is just what you may need to keep you mentally and physically motivated. Watch your portions though, a little is just enough. Too much and you might be dealing with weight gain issues which may lead to even more problems. Two scoops per serving once or twice a day are all the ice cream you need.

A natural brain stimulant

A large percentage of ice cream constitutes of milk. Milk contains L-tryptophane which when ingested helps relax the nervous system and your body at large. For people battling insomnia, you may find that you sleep better on those days you eat ice cream compared to when you don’t. No wonder you get that rush from head to toe at the first bite of your favorite ice cream. Health Benefits  Then almost suddenly after, you enjoy so much calm, you could sleep for hours.

Lessens the likelihood of having cancer for young women

Studies show that increased consumption of milk among teenage to pre-menopausal women lessens the chance of them being diagnosed with cancer. Seeing as ice cream contains a good amount of milk, it is safe to say that eating ice cream keeps you on the safe side as far as cancer is concerned. Feel free to take a glass or two of plain milk, and some yogurt, add a scoop of flavored ice cream and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life cancer free.

Aids in formation and strengthening bones

Minerals like phosphorous and calcium exist abundantly in ice cream. These minerals help maintain normal bone density and strengthen weak bones. For pregnant women particularly, these minerals mean better bone formation for you and your growing fetus. Studies have also revealed that pregnant women suffering from nausea and morning sickness normally prevalent in the initial stages of pregnancy should eat ice cream. Reason being that ice cream helps to calm and counter nausea. When you have the best ice cream maker, it will help you whip up some cream that you can then pour into your favorite ice cream and slowly feel your taste buds come alive with the first taste.

Health Benefits

Improves immunity

One thing that everyone needs when it comes to combating diseases and illnesses is nothing but a strong immunity. Ice cream has been proven to be the best source of lactoferrin and the cytokines that are known for their combating influenza. That then fastens the healing process of the flu. Therefore, ice cream is the best for body’s immunity against influenza virus. With this fact, if you want to eliminate some illnesses such as flu, then you need to have some good time regularly with ice cream.

Enhances sex drive

Sex is basically a need that must be satisfied. It has been found that ice cream is one of the best stimulants when it comes to sex. The attribution of the same power is based on the fact that ice cream is a source of calcium and phosphorus. Health Benefits When you have the same mineral supplements in good quantities, your muscles will surely develop and become strong. Besides that, energy and libido are boosted and that is what makes ice cream a sex drive stimulant.

It is advisable, hard as it may be to not get carried away and overindulge in ice cream. The above benefits come with eating ice cream in moderation but one could risk serious health risks if they consume too much.


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