How To Buy Indian Art From An Online Gallery?

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How To Buy Indian Art From An Online Gallery?

Craving to buy exquisite and stupendous artworks from Indian artists? Got tired of physically visiting art conventions and exhibitions? Well, this blog is going to offer you several tips that would help you in buying the right artwork from an online platform. Since the boom of technology, the internet has become a place not just for getting information but also for buying and selling goods & services. As an art aficionado, you must be knowing that there are several art galleries that have emerged on the internet in the last few years. Things have become quite easy for art lovers since then. You can simply check out the appealing artworks on your phone sitting on your couch. But along with the convenience, there are few challenges that art lovers & collectors face while choosing or buying an art from an online dais.

Challenges of online purchase of an artwork

It is not easy seeing a painting on phone and deciding to purchase it from an online art gallery you have never dealt with previously. A lot of art collectors have complained about purchasing a bogus piece of art from online platforms. So, art aficionados are becoming much cautious before getting a painting from an online gallery. Another issue that arises is that it becomes really hard for art lovers to decide which art gallery to choose from. If you would Google “Indian art gallery” you would get a total of 48 crore results. Apart from this, a lot of other challenges such as payment issues, legitimacy, credibility, and authentication arise. What could be the better way of choosing extravagant paintings from famous Indian artists?

Have a look at following tips:

Indian Art

Tips to purchase art from an online gallery

There are certain guidelines following which can land you with an original and authentic Indian painting. Let’s see what they are:

Do your homework

What could be more embarrassing than finding out that the artwork you purchased is not an original but an imitation? This thing can be avoided if you become a little bit more prepared. Being an art lover, it becomes quintessential from your end to leave no stone unturned. First, choose a set of online galleries you like. List them and start your research. Reach out to as many platforms as possible to find out the credibility of the online galleries. There would be several online platforms promising to offer you an amazing piece of work from Indian artists but not all do so. So, how to check their credibility? Use social media channels. Check on Quora, start a discussion, and ask different art groups about the art galleries’ stature. This is how you shortlist the art galleries that are trustworthy to buy with. Now, check their testimonials and see what the previous customers are saying about this gallery. Go to LinkedIn and join art communities to get a knack of the reputation of the online gallery. Facebook has different art-related groups. Join thee groups and check whether the art gallery is legitimate to work with or not. Once you perform all these activities, you are ready to go with an online art gallery.

Indian Art

What do you want?

You selected the art gallery, that’s great! Now, do you know what you are searching for? It becomes imperative for you to know what sort of painting you are looking for. If you are seeking paintings from Indian artists, it becomes essential to check if the online gallery has such collection or not. Let’s say you are seeking Indian contemporary paintings and your art gallery also have them. Now, seek for what purpose you require the painting. If it’s to adorn your home space, keep a close check on the size of your wall and the size of the canvas. Getting a know-how of one’s own requirement always assures to avoid all sorts of issues in the future.


A lot of online art galleries exist on the internet today. It becomes highly possible that one painting that you are seeking is available on more than platforms. You will be surprised to see that on some of the daises the price of the same painting by the same artist differs.

Why is that?

This happens because different online galleries charge artists with different commission rate. Checking on the rates beforehand and doing a comparative analysis offers you a chance to pay the justified price for the painting you desire. Some of the renowned art galleries also offer with the option of paying with installments. Ask the gallery owner before making any deal. In addition to this, also seek if the paintings the online gallery is offering is legitimate or not. How to do that? Most of the esteemed online galleries provide their buyers with a quality certificate. This quality certificate is offered along with the painting assuring that the artwork you are getting your hands on is a credible one.


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