How to Design Appealing Custom Address Labels

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How to Design Appealing Custom Address Labels

Address labels are used to mention the delivery information on the items that are going to be delivered by either post or courier service. These labels are widely used for postal items, such as envelopes or small packages. Though the main function of these labels is to specify the delivery address, the suppliers can also use the labels to mention other information such as return address, contact information and marketing/promotional message of the suppliers, or a greeting.  When a supplier needs to mention more detailed information, larger shipping labels are used. Sometimes, the suppliers use multiple labels on the item to add multiple pieces of information regarding the address and the suppliers.

Moreover, it broadens the scope of promoting the brand. Therefore, designing the labels is important to meet two main objectives of using address labels- address information and promotional goal.

Address labels can be designed in three types of materials- white paper materials, colored paper materials, and transparent materials.

White Paper Materials:

White paper materials can be used in a number of ways. Gloss white paper address labels are permanent and splash proof; gloss white photo quality paper address labels and matt quality premium address labels are permanent but they do not splash proof while semi-gloss white paper address labels are permanent and splashproof.

Colored Paper Materials:

Colored paper address labels including silver, gold, and brown crafted paper address labels are permanent. However, colored paper materials are not waterproof or splash proof.

Transparent Materials:

Among the three types of labels, transparent ones are the most popular ones. Transparent materials have three categories- gloss laser address labels, matt laser address labels, and inkjet address labels. All of these three categories are permanent. The first two are waterproof while the third one does not have this particular feature.

While designing a custom label for contact details, it is important to take into account a few aspects. Let’s have a quick glimpse of these aspects:

Contact Information:

Contact information is of immense importance because it is the prime thing for which custom address labels are manufactured. It is a great way of making contacts with potential customers and dealer. Moreover, it gives the customers a scope of leaving feedback. This way, a business can increase customer loyalty.

Logo, Text, and Font:

An illustration along with the company logo can convey the relevant information in an effective way. A perfect combination of image or logo and texts can make a synergy in the overall look of the label. A creative composition helps a business accomplish their business goals. In this context, it is important to consider the fonts as well. The right selection of fonts elevates the appeal of the label and corresponds to a professional image.


Materials play a vital role in the entire designing process. As it has been stated earlier, three types of materials can be used for designing the labels. While choosing a material, the company should consider their requirements and budget. It would be better to prepare a test batch of the labels with each of these three materials to understand which one is the most suitable for the buyers.

Shape and Size:

An exceptional shape of the label can help the business attract more attention. It is always suggested to use either a white or a light background to add elegance to the label. If the business wants to promote a variety of products, it is a good idea to keep brand recognition on the label so that the viewer can get a hint about all the products offered by the brand.


Color is a key to designing. Since color is the most vital element of designing a label, selection of color should be done carefully. Colors convey information quicker than the texts. Following a unique color scheme in all the marketing tools including brochures, website, leaflets, address labels etc is a good idea.


Before winding up the topic, here’s the last (but not the least) important tips for the companies- never forget to keep an eye on the competitors. If you find your competitors’ strategy is doing well, don’t hesitate to follow their strategy while working on your custom address labels.


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