How To Get The Best Kerala Tour Packages That Suit Your Budget

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How To Get The Best Kerala Tour Packages That Suit Your Budget

Kerala tourism is highly promoted by the state government of Kerala and even the government of India. This is that destination which makes it to the top of the lists of travelers who love to experience the nature’s beauty that the weirdest locations that God has created and Kerala is thus called God’s own country by the people living there. This state attracts a huge number of international tourist who comes here especially for the backwaters regions. But the problem with Kerala is that it is one of the most expensive destinations in Indian and if you are in search of luxurious stays then it would be even more expensive. But in case you plan properly and choose the correct hotels then Kerala is often regarded as a bag packer’s destination as well hence you can find a couple of homestays in several parts of the state.

Tips for planning Kerala trip within your budget

If you are planning your Kerala trip then make sure you keep a number of factors in mind else it would be very difficult to maintain your budget. When you are looking for Kerala tour packages first decide whether you want luxurious stays or simple hostels and accordingly look for the packages.

  • Make sure your package covers the backwaters locations else going to Kerala is not worth the time and money. The backwaters destinations are the most expensive ones and that is why some tourist agencies omit them and formulate a package that is in turn cheaper. Some popular backwaters region of Kerala is Alleppey, Thekkady, Vembanad, Periyar and a few more. These are near the coast of the Arabian sea in the western coastal area of Southern India.
  • The next most important part of Kerala tourism is spending a night on a houseboat in those backwaters while traveling to Kerala. This will give you a rare peace of mind and the feeling that most tourists desire but could not afford since these houseboats are pretty expensive.
  • The mountains of Kerala are also an absolute pleasure as well. Going to Kerala is not worth your time if you have been to Munnar. Even if you are not visiting other mountains in the region make sure you at least visit Munnar.
  • Kerala also has a number of beautiful beaches that includes the Kovalam beach in the capital city of Trivandrum. So, when you are in Kerala you will either land in the airport in Trivandrum or in Kochi. So, you can accordingly plan your visit to the beaches.
  • Choose a Kerala tour package that covers all the above-mentioned destinations within a span of 7 days. This will help you to save a lot of money and yet cover all the wonderful destination in god’s own country.

Besides all the above-mentioned tips it is most important to plan your trip in advance when you are going to Kerala because most of the good locations are not available if you are planning a visit a few weeks beforehand.

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