How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 Easily

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How to Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 Easily

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system. It stores entire data in the internal hard disk. But in many situations, the data get deleted from a hard disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 etc. The data deletion may be intentional or unintentional. In both the cases, users are unable to access their data files. Let’s suppose you are deleting files which are not important and mistakenly you deleted some important files. In such a situation, you need a deleted data recovery solution to get back your lost files. So, in this post, you will find reliable and trusted methods to recover deleted data from hard disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 and below versions. Before starting deleted data recover procedure let’s first understand. Where does the data go after deletion?

What Happens After Deleting Files from Windows hard Drive?

The hard drive is the main repository of all data files in the Windows system. Also, the storage devices have some maximum limit to store data. Due to which user deletes unnecessary files. Once the files deleted from the hard drive then Windows OS free space and make available to store new data files. Initially, it seems that the data deleted permanently from the hard drive. But in actual the data resides at the same location even after deleting the files. So, recovery of deleted data from hard drive is possible. So, let’s proceed for the safe and secure method to recover deleted data from windows hard drive.

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Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive in Windows Computer

For data recovery, you can opt for either manual solution or third party software. Both the methods have their own pros and cons. Both the methods are explained below. Simply go through the solutions and choose which best suites for you.

Method 1: – Recover Deleted Data from Recycle Bin Folder in Windows System

The Microsoft Windows OS stores deleted files and folder into the separate folder called Recycle Bin. SO if your data deleted normally (by pressing Delete key from the keyboard or by right click on the file and hit on delete option) in both the situation you can easily recover deleted data from windows recycle bin folder. Perform the steps listed below:

⦁ Find the Recycle Bin folder on desktop and Open
⦁ The recycle bin folder will open. Here you will find a list of all deleted files and folders
⦁ Simply select the required file (for multiple files use Control key and select all required files)
⦁ Right-Click on the selected file and hit on Restore option
⦁ Go to the actual location from where data deleted and check your files will be there

Note: – This manual method is applicable only for normal deleted (soft deleted data). If you deleted any large size data file then also you can not recover from recycle bin. The recycle bin folder has the maximum size limit So the windows will delete old deleted files to maintain space. Also if you delete data permanently then the data will not be in recycle bin folder. So, this manual method is not guaranteed for complete data recovery.

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Method 2: – Recover Permanently Deleted Files Using Trusted Software

As we have discussed above the manual method have many limitations. So, try the trusted and secure SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. It is capable to recover permanently deleted data, corrupted data (virus affected data) and formatted data. It is compatible with all Windows Versions like Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. Also, it can retrieve lost data from any size and any brand hard drive. It also supports all file system like NTFS, FAT, GPT, and MBR. Perform only a few steps and recover deleted, formatted and corrupted data from hard drive on Windows system.


⦁ Download and Install the software on your windows computer
⦁ Software Will list all partitions, select the partition from which your data deleted

⦁ Scan the hard drive partition and preview the recovered data into preview panel

⦁ Save the required file at any location on the host computer


In this post, I explained the reliable solution to recover deleted data from the hard drive in Windows. Both the methods are applicable for all Windows versions like Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and below. The manual method has many limitations. So, try the SysTools software and recover lost data easily.


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