How To Write An Argumentative Essay With Success?

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How To Write An Argumentative Essay With Success?

Writing an essay requires lots of hard work. If you can do a bit of hard work, then you can produce a top-notch essay. Argumentative What is a high-quality essay? The high-quality essay is an essay that is, filled with thoughts. You have to think critically to utilize thoughts in your essay write-up. You need to utilize contention to express your thoughts in an essay. While giving an argument, you will take your position on the subject i.e. you may be in favor of or against an argument if you have to write an argumentative essay.

Controversy is a part of argumentative essay writing; some people may agree with your viewpoint, while others will disagree with you. The debate is a part of controversial writing, so you will need to handle and convince both types of readers in an argumentative essay. You should come up with a strong thesis statement in an argumentative essay to convince the readers of your viewpoint. Here is one example of an argumentative thesis statement for you: “Computers are more of a blessing than a curse; for the same reason, we see computers in the homes of almost all individuals; I completely agree with this statement.”


The thesis statement is your chance to express your viewpoint in an argumentative statement, so you should come up with a thesis statement that is, arguably. After the thesis statement, you will need to write the background information about the topic. For instance: Who knew that computers will be improving continuously? It is a great invention of the 20th century and one of the best upgrades in the 21st century. In an essay body, you should utilize the topic sentences, supporting sentences, transition sentences, and reasons or evidence or examples. One of the supporting reason for the thesis statement mentioned above is that: “Computers have made our lives more convenient than before, as we can perform various operations with the help of it that justifies the computer as an invention full of blessings.”

In the conclusion of an argumentative essay, you will first summarize the findings. You will also need to restate the thesis statement in the conclusion of an argumentative essay. For example, Computer is a boon, not a bane; that is why we can find computers in homes of various individuals, I am totally in favor of this statement. This is how you can write an argumentative essay. In short, argumentative essay writing is your ticket to success if you want to become a professional essay writer.

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