Internet Of Things What Is It All About?

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Internet Of Things What Is It All About?

Scalable cloud-based computing, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, and smart connected devices are said to have developed a platform exclusively for IOT (Internet of Things). Such platforms do enable the organization to control, monitor, automate and optimize their operations in various ways that were unimaginable previously. IOT is found to be disrupting traditional businesses in many industries, thereby causing companies to seek fundamental solutions.

The public and private sector organizations have been trying to know how they can put internet of things services to good use to develop new value sources. Few are using to deliver increased operational efficiencies. Organizations in real time are able to track assets with remote asset management, thereby making their field teams be more efficient. Moreover, downtime is reduced by predictive maintenance through part replacement before they fail. Employees using real-time analytics are able to make much better decisions. The smart IOT system could easily automate predictable and repetitive processes.

IOT systems                   

This system is known to extend net connectivity beyond all traditional gadgets like laptop and desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. It also includes different types of devices, like the day to day things which use embedded technology to interact and communicate through the net with the external environment.

Presently, there are wide ranges of technology which can be described to enable IoT. At networking, the level is Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth, RFID, ZigBee, cellular, Wi-Fi, Thread, 6LowPAN, Z-Wave, NCF, Neul, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, IoTivity, Alljoyn, Homekit, Weave, MQTT, JSON-LD, CoAP, etc. that do play a major role in IOT implementations.

Internet Of Things

About IoT Applications

According to the industry experts, IoT systems tend to have application development in all industries due to their unique ability and flexibility to suit all types of environment. They also improve automation, data collection, operations, etc. through powerful enabling technology and smart devices.

As a matter of fact, IoT is just about everywhere. However, certainly, there are a few verticals where it is much more prevalent. One such sector that has been using IoT concepts for a long time is the heavy industry due to robotics and SCADA. It also has its very own IoT sub-type – frequently just IIoT or industrial IoT. For operational and maintenance purpose, sharing data does make industrial equipment much more useful and responsive and also creates the safer working environment.

IoT security

Security is concerned with safeguarding connected networks and devices in IoT. Encryption is rather the very first aspect that people think about when concerning IoT security. Encryption is regarded to be a crucial aspect of security. But by itself, encryption is not likely to offer security like it is being imagined.

Like most things, security does have a diminishing return curve vs. cost. IoT does require a good balance of strong, massively scalable and economical security measures. A poorly secured security camera or smart TV, which accesses the network, can be termed to be a potential aspect to face attack.

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