Is Charcoal Face Scrub More Effective Than The Regular Face Scrubs?

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Is Charcoal Face Scrub More Effective Than The Regular Face Scrubs?

Facial scrubbing is one of the essential parts of the beauty care routine. Face Scrubs It is usually done by a cream-based product that contains small particles commonly known as the exfoliating pieces. When massaged using this cream, the particles help to physically lift up the dirt, dry dead cells and other forms of impurities from the pores of the skin. When we talk about performing this skin routine, we will wonder what could be the best face scrub product that we can use. Although there are a number of face scrub available in the market, the charcoal face scrub can be given special attention.

What is charcoal actually?

Charcoal is a black lightweight residue of charred wood which is highly porous. Nowadays, it is being widely used is cosmetics products just because of its beneficial properties. The charcoal that we use for the skin known as activated charcoal has many disinfecting properties. Basically, these are antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. that will draw all the impurities from your skin. It can heal wounds, insects bites etc. When we compare the normal facial scrub with the activated charcoal-based facial scrub, we can find a lot of difference. Let’s find out.

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Benefits of face scrubs

The regular face scrub can be utilized for the exfoliating and can be effective at removing dirt and other particles from the skin. On the other hand, an activated charcoal face scrub has disinfecting properties. Thus, it will not only help to exfoliate the skin, but also heal the minor skin issues such as irritation, rashes, blemishes etc. Again, the regular face scrub cannot necessarily bring the brightness and the glow that a charcoal face scrub can. Since it has multiple beneficial properties, it can make the skin look healthier than ever. Provided that, the activated charcoal face scrub can also absorb the extra oil from the skin, it can remove blackheads and can provide a complete solution for a number of skin issues. There are other ingredients as well that can be mixed with the activated charcoal which can improve the result. One such ingredient is essentials oils of lemongrass and eucalyptus. These type of face scrub helps to remove dirt and dust from deep inside the skin. The activated charcoal scrub can also absorb twice 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities which a regular face scrub may not. So, now that we know what charcoal face scrub can do, it is clear why we should opt for one over a regular face scrub. The result of the charcoal face scrub will be far better than that of the regular one. We can sum up the result of using a charcoal face scrub, it can remove blackheads, it can remove dead skin, it can unclog pores, treat acne, deep cleanses the skin, brightens the skin and adds a glow to the skin. Thus, in short, it is one solution for a number of problems.

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How is a face scrub different from a face wash?

Many people confuse the face wash with the scrub. A face scrub is a cream based product that have small particles which directly act upon the dirt removing it from the skin. A face is a smooth cream based product that is used to only clean the surface of the skin, that may not remove the dirt particles from the depth of the skin. So, you may find it a bit tricky as to how to use a face scrub. Many people use the face scrub just like the face wash. But here, you can get a proper procedure on how to utilize the face scrub more effectively. First of all, you cannot use a face scrub just like the face wash. To get the best result, you can use a short steaming which will open the pore, thus making it easier for the face scrubs to deeply penetrate the skin and take out the dirt. Once this is done, always follow it up with a good moisturizer that will help retain the natural glow.


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