Is It Better To Buy Smart Phones Under 5000?

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Is It Better To Buy Smart Phones Under 5000?

The evolution of mobiles phone goes way back in time. From the button handset till full screen one, mobiles phones took over the market by storm since its inception. The easy communication makes it a necessity of our daily life. The popularity of smartphones is unquestionable. In a world where technology is prone to changes, it is not uncommon for the buyers to purchase new mobile phones regularly. But, with time smartphones have seen the rise in cost with every new update brought to them. The change might be in the name of size, storage or any added feature. In the race of costly smartphones, the cheaper ones are not left behind. The sale of Smartphone under 5000 has seen a higher count than the ones costing 30000. Their requirement has increased so much in the recent years that people are overlooking the price. There are plenty of buyers who do not like to splurge too much on fancy Smartphone’s. And there are several reasons as to why buyers prefer the cheaper ones.

Have a look at some reasons that will make buying cheap Smartphone’s worth your money.

  • Display has improved

The cheaper smartphones today are not what they used to be 5 years ago. The display is good. Yearly upgrades in the phones have improved the display resolution to monumental level. The mid-range phones might not have the glitz and glamour of the costlier ones but the look of a display has been equalized to the same level.

  • Phone Designs have got better

When people think about a Smartphone under 5000, it’s usually some small and solid design that comes to their mind. In the past, these were designed as such, but things have changed and manufacturers today are much more aware of the customer’s demands. A good look is always welcomed in the case of phones. And if you are getting it within 5000, then why miss the chance.  A sleek metal body with perfectly shaped edges and a nice color gives high appeal to its design, which seems to be the foremost requirement these days.

  • Cameras have been standardized

Previously the cameras were used to be grainy with not much of resolution in the picture taken. The three pixels phones are no more! The cameras today are pretty decent. Phones come equipped with the front as well as a back camera which have 8MP to 13MP of resolution which is pretty much same as the costlier ones.

The user can take wide-angle selfies, click panoramic images, and edit the picture and much more within a cost of 5000.

  • Regular updates in technology

The mobile technology is very dynamic. It’s like every day a new feature is added to one smartphone which gets the attention of a customer. Thus, buying a new phone seems waste of time when every time a new feature comes into play. If you are not interested in making such frivolous purchases, then keep your budget of the smartphone under 5000.

  • Apps are not restrictive to costlier phones

It is a common belief that costlier phones could easily download any app. But the Smartphone’s today, whether cheap or costly is powerful enough to get any app downloaded from the Google Play Store. Therefore, if you are going to buy your phone just on the basis of app downloads then; do not go shopping the costlier ones.

  • You will not be disheartened if it gets damaged

When yours is a Smartphone under 5000, you will not worry much if it gets a scratch or two. The repair cost of such phones is affordable and you won’t regret too much even if you are not able to provide repair service on time. Thus, buying budgeted mobiles gives you some peace of mind in this regard.

  • Overall quality is equally good

Now, cheaper doesn’t mean that the quality of Smartphone is poor. The current models that are made might be lacking in one or two feature, but the total product design, development, use of hardware and external ports follow the same quality control process during manufacturing. At Togofogo you can find plenty of affordable Smartphone’s online. Convinced enough? If you are in consent with the above rationale then there is no need to dig deeper into your savings and buy a costlier Smartphone. Analyze your budget and make your purchase accordingly.


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