Is VPN For Torrenting Really Necessary?

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Is VPN For Torrenting Really Necessary?

Most of the times the term ‘torrent’ is viewed as the synonym for pirating, it’s considered as an illegal piece of practice that many of the countries put a ban upon. Resulting many ISPs have completely prohibited torrent websites and their usage. However, people are still not convinced by this and are using torrents via proxies and other methods to download their desirable stuff. Are you making the same mistake of utilizing torrent without any security? Don’t let any secret agency trace your location, amalgamate your torrent with a reliable VPN and get a virtual private secured tunnel that no one can take access of. Despite all these political scenarios, torrents are undeniably the efficient and effective source to share data. Their resilience and rapidness are the factors why they are appreciated across the globe. However, due to their design, they are easily targetable by agencies and individuals trying to access your personal information.

So do you really need a VPN while using torrents? Or How a VPN fortifies your integrity when you are enrolled in a torrent service? Below mentioned information is a treasure for all who are fond of torrenting.

Before going deep in torrenting, let’s have a look at what VPNs are.

What is a VPN?

A VPN appends an external layer of security to maintain the integrity of your online activities. In layman language, it will encrypt your information and will only decrypt it when received at the destination. No one will ever know what you sent, as it’s near-impossible to decrypt the information before it’s landing on the destination. However, to gain access to your VPN, you must be an authorized user and have a valid username and password.


Why do you need a VPN for torrenting?

No one can deny that torrenting is an unsafe place where you can be screened easily.  If you are dwelling in a country where it is prohibited, you are making a big mistake. Having a reliable VPN service provider on your side will curtail the chances of getting traced and will protect you from all the factors that can harm you in any way. Have a look at some factors why a VPN is your only companion when torrenting.

  • Allows you secure downloads:

Downloading is the sending and receiving of data packets and that’s the major way you can get targeted. A VPN allows you secure downloads across the web while protecting you from getting trapped in fake downloads and hacker’s web.

  • Assists to evade censorships:

Copyright claimers are the worst enemies of torrent users. No one wants to be surrounded by legal troubles of stealing the copyrights before any permission.  A best VPN for torrenting  helps you to evade these censorship hassles flawlessly.

  • Maintains your security:

Security is your utmost priority; a VPN secures you while pretending that you are operating from some other country where the servers of your VPN provider are located.

  • You are completely anonymous:

What about displaying yourself from an anonymous name or as the name of your VPN? Sounds amazing, right? A torrent VPN allows you to be completely hidden from the trackers while you are still connected to your torrent client.

Who can get benefit from VPN while torrenting?

As we described earlier, everyone who is into torrenting should use a VPN. Apart from this, every individual or organization who are looking for amplified security without any hassles can simply switch to VPN services whether they want to torrent or not.

Are you a regular downloader?

There are more chances that regular downloaders will be traced as they are usually visiting the same torrent platform for their content purposes. No one wishes that angry companies knock their doors and land them in legal troubles.

So a VPN allows safe tunnels, no matter you are a regular downloader or occasionally get upon torrenting websites.

Privacy seekers:

Everyone seeks privacy, but some are even more prone to attacks. Ever survived a cyber threat or attack? These kinds of users are on the curve to be get attacked when lacked in their security. Your purpose is not only to fortify yourself from the legal agencies, you also need to get yourself protected from the individual hackers who love to sell your information in the market.



Keen of gaming while torrenting? Gaming while torrenting is catching at a rapid pace and more and more players are getting up and are playing these types of games. More the users are, more are the chances to get attacked. Deploy a torrent VPN and relax in a state-of-mind while playing your favorite games.

Why to take P2P (peer-to-peer) feasible VPN for torrenting:

Instead of relying only upon the dedicated servers that are often slow, P2P take complete use of the established connections by other users to send and receive files. As torrenting is completely based on uploading and downloading information and data, so a small portion is uploaded as well. Thus, when more users share files, an interconnected network is made and is used instead of the dedicated servers as we talked earlier. One prominent example of legal P2P torrent is the gaming. Most famous games downloaded from trusted sources are marked as legal above all the facts. This P2P usage helps in saving server charges and can gradually amplify speed bestowing manifold benefits to the developers. In fact, the newly introduced Windows 10 by the house of Microsoft takes tremendous advantage to curtail bandwidth issues. This operating system is renowned for delivering upgrades to various parts of the globe catering to the needs of individuals and users spread across the web of the internet. This soothing functionality of Windows 10 come default as it was announced back in the year 2016 as an anniversary update.

Despite utilizing these P2Ps, several users are still getting infected from the copyright claimants often. So combining a VPN with a torrent becomes a necessity.

Are VPNs responsible for slow torrenting?

As your connection speed completely relies on your ISP and more often using torrents result in less and frustrating speed. But you will be more than happy to know that you can increase your torrenting speed while using a VPN. It has been proved that more the encryption is, lesser will be the available speed. As the encryption consumes a lot of data when getting encoded and decoded, so using a VPN on lower scales of encryption can bump up your internet speed to some extent. But can you use your VPN on low encryption? Probably not! Using your VPN on lower encryption for long times is nothing than a nightmare. You will be tracked down easily. This trick works whenever you are in a rush to access any file, turn down encryption, access your file and deploy it again. Other factors that affect the speed of your connection are locations where your VPN servers are located. So a VPN that has the option to adjust the encryption and has severs instituted in your neighborhood is the best VPN for torrenting.

Now that you have been convinced that VPNs are a real necessity for torrenting, here are some qualities you should look for while choosing one for you.

Qualities to look for in a reliable torrent VPN:

Every VPN features some distinct features and functionalities, so here are some things you can measure to get the best VPN for torrenting:

  • Price
  • Privacy
  • Speed
  • Cross-platform support
  • Subtle Customer support

A reliable VPN not only fortifies your security but also takes your torrenting experience to a whole new level. Now that you have come to know why you need a VPN for torrenting and how it fortifies your information. These aforementioned details should be taken into consideration when buying a torrent VPN. Always keep in mind your privacy completely relies on what kind of VPN you have deployed. You can look for a comparison of VPNs on the web to make your decision come out to be fruitful.


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