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Marketing is much needed and it is a separate department in any manufacturing or service oriented company irrespective of whether it is small scale or large scale. It is a generic need for industries to market their products and always hope for a good reach. Nowadays, many products and services need promotion. There is a distinct strategy to market them and there are various levels of advertising standards to reach a mass number of people. Apart from standard marketing techniques, marketing through digital means has become a necessary one. Creating a website alone does not satisfy the needs of a promoter. Instead, involving in digital marketing techniques will place you on the top list of Google search. For withstanding the same, a team of digital marketing experts need to work for the task in a scheduled manner for a period of time. There are different ways of Digital marketing starting with website development, web maintenance, app development, web hosting, search engine optimization, social media optimization, email marketing, press release distribution and so on. Here are some of the concurrent challenges that are faced by digital marketing industry in promoting a client’s website and any organisation need to face these challenges in each phase of their growth.

Quality Content needs only minimum marketing techniques. The content needs to satisfy the targeted users’ needs and also to meet the requirements of a reader. The quality content always deserves its award. Regardless of the website design and other aspects, content speaks in major. A basic understanding is needed for a writer so that he can promote it in a 360 deg. View.

Website Management And Links is the next challenge faced by marketers and maintaining an attractive website catches many viewers and they return to your site willingly. However, the quality writing is unmatched with the web design. Anyhow, you need to maintain the site and periodic update in the website keeps your site live always. Any new change you make in a website shall be according to the latest trends and technologies. This is a prominent strategy for any team in maintaining a website.

For example,  Top Gaming Smartphones under 10000 article needs backlinks mainly in relevant domains like  Mobile Review sites, technology sites, tech gadgets sites etc. apart from others.

Similarly, a turbo force room air circulator fan review article link should be placed in mechanical engineering forums, websites, commerce websites etc..

Targeting Audience is another basic factor in digital marketing. Any content should be in line with the taste of the audience so that they respond to you in a quick manner. Whether it is a local or international audience, your content should be simple enough to reach them. Based on the changing marketing scenario, the strategy also varies.


Latest or Right Technologies identification is a big concern among the marketers. For example, to spread emails and messages to a huge mass of people at a time needs a software update in your system. Above all, the computer software and hardware accessories need to be upgraded for effective functioning of a team.

For example, It is necessary to practice your team members with the correct operating system and tools to complete a task in a quicker manner.

Hiring Of Talented People is a notable aspect for an organisation for getting themselves to the next level. It acts as a fertilizer in developing a website (plant) in an ordered manner. For this, a sound team is needed and a brand will come out only on this basis. Many organisations are spending their valuable time in picking up the right member needed and a team manager should also lead a team in an efficient manner for the planning and execution.

Team Management is the next thing after hiring talented personalities in a team. The team has to focus on new marketing strategies and it is mandatory to maintain the existing client service.

  • Separate groups should be allocated in a team so that any assigned task shall be completed on time. Or else, it will be an over-burden on some members of a team.
  • Team Manager has to cite this issue in a team so that everyone on the team has their scheduled tasks in a target period.
  • Only an efficient team could be able to attract the local clients and enable further improvement thus overcoming many competitors.
  • Training a team is the critical task in the initial stage so that new entries can easily orient themselves and adopt the environment soon.
  • A protocol needs to be followed for the speedy functioning of any task.
  • Based on different projects handled, the tasks should be distributed to the teams. For example, one SEO for one content writer for one site. Likewise, a standard formula needs to be framed with an in-depth competition analysis.

Constraints On Budget is a constraining factor that is faced by many small digital marketing agencies as everything needs to be scheduled and planned. If anything goes out of the plan, it will impact more on them. An efficient team leader can make optimum use of resources in the market. Budget varies according to the assigned project size.


If needed, you can look for sponsors or partners while dealing with big size projects. Planned and proper Investment on resources you manage will ensure returns for sure.

Focusing on Clients is the final challenge once your management satisfies your small clients in your locality. With the same procedure, you could be able to attract more clients. You will automatically get receipts from minor organisations if you have successfully done with a few numbers of clients at the starting phase. Also, an optimum Quoting for the service does play a vital role in getting new clients. A separate team is needed for concentrating on new ones in the market.

Updating Marketing Strategies is a needed aspect to get sustained in the field. This is common for all. New trends have to update whenever a change in scenario occurs. A research team has to be formed in analysing the latest and right technologies.  A competitor analysis tool will enable you to guess what your rivals are making promotion.


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