Mistakes To Avoid During Long Term Travel

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Mistakes To Avoid During Long Term Travel

I am a traveller. I believe that we have been born to travel and visit new places. Long Term Travel I believe that we are born to travel and get to know more and more people, their customs, their culture, their language etc. I believe and hence I am a traveller. If you want to be a traveller like me then you need to avoid the following mistakes that I used to do when I was a novice to traveling.

  • I used to pack a lot of things in my backpack. You could find anything you wanted right from clothes to woolens to balms to lotions. I was a walking superstore. The initial years I was able to handle the weight but over time I found that most of the things that I was carrying were not being used at all or being used only rarely. At the same time, I started getting stiffness in my back. I consulted a doctor and he advised me to take it easy on the weight and to travel with a lot less weight. I had to do physiotherapy to make my back stronger. I did a review of the things I carried and I removed more than 50 percent of the things I was carrying. I also knew now that I could buy anything I wanted as most places had all the things that we covet so much. So the first lesson for newbies is, always pack light.

Long Term Travel

  • Before I started my first long tour, I was staying with friends and I had felt that my belongings that could not be accommodated in my backpack were not required. I had proceeded to sell some of my things on eBay and also give away a few items. It seemed worth it at that time, but also it was not so. When I returned from my long journey I had to buy the same things at double the price because I needed them. I needed a bed, a table and a chair and that were when I realized that I should have rented storage units San Francisco and kept my thing there and I could have had them back when I needed them. So, the next lesson for newbies is, never give away your things, rather store it away as you do not know when you might need them.
  • Most countries provide visas on arrival and I was of the opinion that every country provided that option. I was so wrong because many countries need you to apply for visas. So the next lesson is, apply for visas beforehand and you will thank me later.


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