Open Source Software In Higher Education

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Open Source Software In Higher Education

Education in the higher learning institutions should be improvised with tools to enhance free open source software which is necessary for the operating systems available for many platforms.

  1. Productivity suite

This is software which is usually used in the offices. They include the Microsoft word processors, spreadsheets and the presentation and publishing software. Thus educational systems must provide the students and teachers with the relevant software tools which are suitable in the learning and teaching process.  The programs such as the browser are widely used in the school set up in the research purpose. Since the productive tools are used with well-connected hardware, the distribution of the desktops and laptops should be widely spread so as to ease their usage to the learners and teachers. Desktops such as the GNU/Linux should be widely used because they are highly improvised with these productivity tools. In fact with the use of the software, the students are able to store their documents and data ill they require them a given time in the future. With the best compatibility of the Google drive in the desktop to other devices such as the smartphones, one can be able to have a good connection of the information and can act as the best mode in doing the research among the students.

Open Source Software

  1. Web browser

The web browser is being expressed in various ways and modes which can be used in the searching process The major examples of the browsers which are used in the current world include the Microsoft Firefox, Google Chrome, and  Microsoft Edge. All these browsers can be used to do help in the learning process. However, the most widely used browsers include the Google Chrome and the Firefox which are fast in terms of connectivity to the internet. This, therefore, has facilitated faster learning and teaching process as the manual process will only be a work over.  The Microsoft windows are displayed in such a manner that facilitates easy reading of the information together with the related information which may be found on the internet. When loading the information from the internet, one can also download the necessary information due to the presence of the well-laid apps which can download the massive information with many pages. Also, the students can be able to learn more about the information found on the internet and thus can be creative and innovative through thorough research. Through the popularity created in these browsers, the students and the teachers are able to gain the experience which will necessitate the use of the online education in the learning process. The other apps found online has helped most of the students coming from far to study in the universities with little efforts by just studying online and also performing the examinations when required without having any physical contact to the classroom. In the educational set up, these browsers should be included in the programs in order to allow the recording of videos in the multimedia systems. These will facilitate simplicity in the presentation of information of the students and also allow better research proposals with belter formats being included.

  1. Multimedia

Multimedia programs are displayed in different open source software’s which allows the learners to interact well for better pursuing of their studies. Various multimedia programs include editors of graphics, the software of diagramming software, editors in the audio and video software and also the media players. The image and the video editing design, one can be able to use the app in the presentation of data in the classroom and outside. Since what is seen creates a long lasting impression in the mind of the viewer than what’s heard, then students are able to learn more from the multimedia programs using the graphics. Digital editor of audio and visual recording applications allows the tutor to present the lessons online for the students and thus this will make it easy for the students to learn even with the absence of the tutor. The windows such as the Microsoft PowerPoint can the best choice for the tutor to present the lesson s because one can entail the graphics and the lecture notes.

Open Source Software

  1. Other education software

The free open source software is used in the teaching and learning of the certain themes. The Tux paint programs can be used in the solving o the geometry courses as well as science subjects. This software helps in the drafting of the technical classes such as the building plans. One of the major programs used in the technical classes includes the Scilab which is a program used in the package used in the processing of the signal, analysis of statistics and also in facilitating the engineering courses in higher education. Through the use of the open source software, the students are able to perform and excel well in academics.

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