Secret Places in Rajasthan

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Secret Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its cultural heritage. Here are the palaces and havelis of Rajputs. People come to see them from far away. Apart from this, there remains some sadness still remains of the princely states and some caves. Some of these slaves are still in very good condition. The Royal Adventure Tour gives you the opportunity to know about Rajasthan’s 10 unique and exciting places, which are quite different and filled with many kings. Visit here more information about how to book Rajasthan tour packages.

  1. Laxman Sea Resort, Pali

Approximately 200 years ago, as a hunting lodge was built initially, it has now turned into a paradise that offers an incredible level of comfort, luxury, and service for its visitors. The stylish personal cottage and an attractive swimming pool Along with, Laxman Sagar Resort is at the top of the tree to be an exterior luxury.

2. Dungarpur

Located in the east of Gujarat state and situated in the foothills of the Aravali hills, Dungarpur is similar to the green marble found here.

Extraordinary architecture of the palaces and royal houses of Dungarpur presents a scene that you will struggle to find elsewhere. The stone structures are decorated with vendors and have been built in a style that emerged during the time of Maharaja Shiva Singh (1730 to 1785 AD).

3. Kuchaman Fort

An important chapter, Rajasthan, is 100 kilometers away from Kuchaman Pushkar. The historic city of Kuchaman is an impressive fort, which is currently a heritage hotel.

The atmosphere around the fort is attractive and the sky is bright blue, unlike the cities where pollution has taken its toll and a clear sky is often like a mirage.

There is also a rich collection of original inlay work in semi-precious stones, glass and gold paint in the fort. Even the Sheesh Mahal is a wonderful sight in the Kurchamen fort.

Kuchaman Fort

4. Bundi

Understand Bundi as a small, less known version of Jodhpur. This city, which is of the 12th century, boasts of the same magnificent blue houses – and the same huge fort – its well-known coworker … just without the crowd. Train your camera at Taragarh Fort and Bundi Palace, and save time for a walk on the natural backward streets.

5. Ramathara Fort

The unique view of the hospitality, history and the landscape between Agra and Ranthambore – Ramathara Fort is not only a wonderful local place, but it promises a quiet escape to guests too. From its hilltop vantage point, visitors looking for Rajasthan can visit Jeep safari and explore the Kalisil lake before going to the luxury suite in the 350-year-old retreat.

6. Fort of Bhangarh

Bhangarh Fort is one of the most famous haunted places in India. There is a ruined city of Bhangarh between Jaipur and Alwar. The fort was built by King Madho Singh in 1613. Legend has it that a supernatural presence can be felt in the palace. Swimming around many myths, many people have accepted that fact by sharing their stories of supernatural experiences in Bhangarh.

Fort of Bhangarh

7. Aman Bagh-Aman Resort

Located on the outskirts of Jaipur, situated about 90 minutes away from the capital city of Rajasthan, Amanbagh was a former Mughal residency located in the hunting grounds of Bengal Tigers, which was a luxurious resort, which can be seen on a day-long tour of nearby Tiger Reserve. Considering how rural and tourists are free in any part of India, the hotel feels like an oasis in the valley.

8. Shahpur garden

Planning a romantic getaway? The Boutique Shahpur Bag Heritage Hotel is available at one time – it is situated between Jaipur and Udaipur – but it also guarantees to be free of remote, crowded or distraught. Instead, you can put all your meditation on luxurious suites, ancient rhythm, and lake, baked Rajasthani fare at home and on the grand grounds.

9. Laxman Sagar

The rugged desert scenes surrounding Laxman Sagar are strikingly beautiful – especially when competing against simple lines of an elegant contemporary resort. Guests are invited to stay in the 12 private cottages of Retreat, who are invited to visit local Vastu traditions Is designed to reflect; Each also hosts its own, private splash pool.

Laxman Sagar

10. Mihirgarh

Recently built in 2009, Mihirgarh basically captures its golden landscape: Made from clay and other local materials, the hotel merges Rajasthani heritage with modernity. After enjoying the jacuzzi, private terraces and other treaties, guests can enjoy horseback riding and safari.

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