Starting Photography Business? Read This First

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Starting Photography Business? Read This First

Are you the one person in your whole group who is tasked with taking everyone’s photo because you are the best? Yes, then I’m sure that you don’t restrict yourself to just clicking profile photos of your friends, you always have your DSLR or camera or even your phone out clicking gorgeous photos of trees, people, animals, and mountains if you are traveling. If the above paragraph resonates with you then photography is more than just a hobby,  for you, it’s your passion, a way of life and to de-stress from the daily activities. Your passion for clicking images has made you toy with the idea of starting your own business, and if you are serious about it and have the necessary skills, then you must go for it. But starting a business is not as simple as it sounds; you need to research every aspect of your business and the market you are diving in. Take your time; meet people who are successful in your field. With time, hard work and right intention, it will start and you will reap the benefits of it.

If these words inspired you into starting your photography business, then read this first:


  1. Set goals and strive to achieve them

If you want the business to succeed, you need to set short and long terms goals and strive to achieve them. Setting these goals will give you clarity about what you want and how to do it.

Narrowing the target

  1. Select your niche

In the starting, you can generalize your work and take photo orders for everything. But slowly decide one niche for yourself, one field like wedding or nature photography. This will help you expand and succeed in your business as you can establish yourself as the top wedding/nature photographer.

  1. Narrowing the target clients

You know your niche, now you need the right market for it so that you target the clients who will want your work. Here are some pointers to narrow your target clients:

 Location- Choose the clients based on the fact that whether you will be able to travel to their destination or you prefer customers that are near your location.

Money- Decide whether you will work for premium clients only or have packages that accommodate everyone. Your business goals are the deciding factor with this.

Creativity– Find customers that share the same interest as yourself and are okay with your creativity and lets you do things in your artistic manner but also respect their wishes.

  1. Registering the business

Now you know your goals, niche, and target clients. The next step is to register and make it a legal business.

 Name it: The business name is the brand which helps people remembers it, so make sure you make it a good one.

Logo– Every business needs a logo and slogan, this is your brand identity. So invest in it as people will recognize you through your logo.

Legal Entity: Register with the local and central government so that it becomes a legal entity,

Bank account: Your business needs a current account so make an account that is separate from your personal one.

License: Don’t work without a license, find out the type and how to obtain it and get one from your government.

Insurance: Take insurance against your business so that in bad times you have a backup.

Narrowing the target


  1. Have an online presence

Most of the world in on the internet, so having just a portfolio, advertisements and visiting card won’t help your business. If you want more clients, you need to promote it online too. Digital marketing is the need of the hour, so make sure your business is popular on the web too. Here are some tips for marketing online:

Website: Create a website for your photography business and make sure to put your best work and contact details in it. WordPress is the best software to make it if you don’t want to hire professionals.

Social media accounts: Start a page on Facebook or Instagram and share your work, and link it with your website. This will help them see your work and contact you when they need such services.

Video:  you can also make a video of your shoots and with permission to share post it on Youtube, this will give you much-needed exposure.

Keep sharing and interacting with your followers to turn them into clients. For social media, tools like Canva can be a great help to you. Be it infographics, photo collages, or gifs, the tools help you with everything.

Starting your own business is not easy, but with hard work and knowledge, it becomes easy to take the step. So make a plan and begin your work, with time and attention, your business will certainly bloom.


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