Take Care Of Your Heart

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Take Care Of Your Heart

We all know that heart is a very important organ in a human body, one should also know that it is the organ which acts like a pump and it is made from muscle tissues. The heart mainly has four pumping chambers. The upper two chambers are known as atria and the lower two chambers are known as the ventricles. To keep the blood flowing there are some valves present between all the four chambers present in the heart. They are,

Pulmonary Valve: This one is present in between the pulmonary artery and the right ventricle.

Tricuspid Valve: This is located in between the right ventricle and right atrium.

Aortic Valve: This one is located in between the aorta and the left ventricle.

 Mitral Valve: This is present between the left ventricle and the left atrium.


The most common thing that people suffers from being damaged artery heart valves. Many studies have said that open heart surgery is needed to repair the damaged heart valves. In this procedure, an incision is made in the chest and the heart is made a stop for the time being so that the surgeon can repair the heart valves. These incisions are mostly smaller ones and one can feel less pain after the procedure is over. When there is a damaged heart valve in the body one might get the signals due to some specific symptoms.

Heart valve replacement surgery is mainly done by doing three types of incisions. The one which needs a mini-incision is known as the ‘minimally invasive surgery’ and here the incision is done in the breastbone under the right pectoral muscle to assess the heart valve. But when this procedure takes place, the heart will be temporarily stopped and the patient will be kept on a heart or lung machine support which takes over the breathing and blood circulation of the patient lying on the surgery bed. The best doctor for heart surgery in India will know how the procedure will be done depending on the physical condition of the patient.

One has to maintain a proper blood pressure level. If one has high blood pressure tendency, then they can suffer from many diseases. High blood pressure tears the inner linings of blood vessels making them weak. So, one has to check their blood pressure level at a regular interval. If it is high or low, they should immediately consult a physician.


In order to keep their heart healthy one needs to be very careful. Once one reaches the age of 40, it is very much advised that one should keep a healthy diet on a regular basis. One should intake more antioxidants and vitamins instead of junk and fatty foods. One also needs to go for a regular exercise or morning jogs in order to keep them fit and flexible.

Always remember that an unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason for any heart problems. And so it is very necessary to cut down on heavy smoking and drinking habits.


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