The Various Type Of Traditional Basmati Rice

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The Various Type Of Traditional Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a type of rice that is grown in India and Pakistan. It is regarded as one of the best type of rice and also the best quality of white rice. When cooked, it gives out a distinctive aroma. Each grain of basmati rice remains separate after it’s cooked, which gives it a fluffy and light texture. It accompanies Indian curries perfectly and is also used to make pilaf dishes and biryani.

Types of traditional basmati rice

The traditional basmati rice is used in traditional dishes of a particular state or region. Some of the varieties are as follows:

Basmati Rice

  • Ambemohar: Ambemohar is a variety of short grain rice that is grown in Maharashtra. It is known for its quick cooking properties and a distinctive aroma that resembles mango blossom. MulshiAmbemohar is particularly famous as an age-old traditional rice in the state.
  • MullanKazhama: a type of rice that is known for a rather unusual taste and aroma, is from the Wayanad district. It is used to make delicious dishes like Malabar biryani and pal payasam. It is now cultivated only by a few paddy farmers in Wayanad.
  • GobindoBhog: a fragrant, small-grained rice variety is from West Bengal. It is also categorized as special grain (khaasdhan) and is also offered to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. It is quite delicious when cooked as payesh and is extensively used as offerings for auspicious pujas and festivals.
  • Seeraga Samba: a slim rice with an uplifting scent, Seeraga Samba is a beloved rice in the state of Tamil Nadu and is broadly used in preparing sumptuous pulav on special occasions. It is a prized ingredient and used to make two of the most iconic biryanis of the state – Ambur biryani and Dindigul biryani.

Basmati Rice

  • MushkBudji: it is a short-grain rice with a splendid aroma which grows in the valleys of Kashmir and was once a must-have on the menu of any wedding in the state. It almost became extinct due to diminishing returns, but efforts are now being made for its return in commercial space.
  • RadhuniPagol: the name accurately translates to ‘making the cook go mad’. It is a culinary favorite in the state of West Bengal and is not so famous outside of it. It is very light on the stomach and perfectly accompanies popular gravies of the state.
  • ChakHaoAmubi: grown in the hills of Manipur, it is a variety of fragrant, sticky black rice. It has a nutty, slightly sweet flavor. The kheer made with this rice is a staple delicacy at festivals and local fests of the state.

These traditional rice varieties make the best basmati rice dishes. When you make traditional dishes, make sure to use the best quality basmati rice. You can identify the best basmati rice the length of the rice grain, its age, and the fragrance it gives out when you rub it between your palms. Once you find the best variety, your rice dishes will be the absolute best.


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