Top 5 Common Mistakes in GMAT Preparation

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Top 5 Common Mistakes in GMAT Preparation

The first step to creating a good study plan is to comprehend GMAT and really understand the areas it tests. GMAT Preparation It is imperative that you don’t squander away your effort and time by focusing your energy in the wrong places, following improper strategies. Here is a list of the most common mistakes people make while preparing for GMAT, got from GMAT coaching in Hyderabad.

  1. Underestimating the test, and the competition

There are several people who don’t show GMAT the respect it deserves, and it is possible that you are one of them as well. The people who take up GMAT are usually those who already have a degree, and are used to doing very well in exams. They are accustomed to topping their exams all the time. However, this stage that GMAT creates is filled with people exactly like this sort. Overachievers from all across the world are competing for the same prize. In this exam, your score is directly based on how well you did as compared to the competition. And believe me, the competition is working very hard and smart. People often take a year to prepare for it, and there are others who underestimate the exam and think they can pull through with last minute cramming.

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  1. Memorising and not practicing

GMAT is all about your ability to answer the questions. It is about the skill, and not so much the knowledge. It is more productive to practice questions more than trying to memorize concepts. Almost all the learning you get is by answering questions, not by reading several books. You existing cognitive skill is not a test by GMAT. These skills are constantly being developed as you attempt more questions.

  1. Afraid of making mistakes

Mistakes are natural, don’t beat yourself about it. In fact, you should look to make more mistakes. This is the best way to learn. While it is good to get answers right, when you get one wrong, and then learn how to correct it, it is a much more rewarding way to learn. Moreover, it is now much sharper in your brain, and you are less likely to repeat the mistake.

  1. Neglecting verbal

A lot of people think that having good spoken English is enough to crack this section. Think again! While it is important to have a good command over the language, even several native English speakers struggle to get a high score with just that much. This section is about your verbal reasoning ability. It is important to also learn several rules typical to GMAT that may not always be so intuitive.

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  1. Not being aware of strengths and weaknesses

Knowing what you are good at and what you are weak at allows you to create an efficient study plan. You can dedicate more time to your weak areas, ensuring you can fix them. It is important to be self-aware, and practice. This is the only way to truly know where you are lacking. There may be small mistakes that you make repeatedly. This is a good way to tackle such issues.

Joining the best GMAT coaching classes in Hyderabad will help you deal with all these problems, and get you closer to cracking GMAT.


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