Top City Break Destinations to Explore in Europe 2019

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Top City Break Destinations to Explore in Europe 2019

A Short City break takes you away from day to day mundane activity. It introduces you to a wide range of choices across Europe. Whether it could be a weekend break or sudden unexpected holiday, we provide plenty of holiday options. Europe is such a spectacular landscape where you will find glittering cities like Athens with ancient glory and scenic coastal cities like Barcelona. Irrespective, of your choice, our City Breaks deals ensure great savings. It is the best way to explore great culture, intriguing past, and culture, within a short span of time. This post gives a glimpse of top cities in Europe to explore in 2019.

City Breaks in Europe 2019 – Top Destinations


The creative appeal of Amsterdam is the ever glittering phenomenon. This classic city of flourishing Dutch era is easily accessible from the United Kingdom. A 45 minutes flight would land you here. Just hire a bike and explore the entire surroundings, the city has well-organized bicycle tracks, covering all the top attractions. Wander through the cobbled streets of the world-class city to discover the striking architecture and museums. Enjoy a Canal belt ride, built connecting many islands in the medieval times. Canal cruise ride offers the most scenic views of entire surroundings, within a short span of time on Amsterdam City Breaks; explore one of the best destinations in Europe.


Rome, popularly known as the heart of Italy and the major city during the Renaissance era, It is regarded as the hallmark of western civilization after the city of Athens. A short Rome City Breaks gives you a glimpse of the entire Roman era. Starting from countless ancient ruins to magnificent Pantheon, St Peters Basilica, Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain, Borghese gallery and several other architectural marvels. There are plenty of attractions to cover, however, a short city break would make your journey a memorable experience. In addition, there are plenty of classic restaurants and hotels, to taste the authentic local food.


Venice is the classic example of human brilliance and effort, where some 118 islands have been connected to make this city. It’s like a huge setting or theatre, where people visit to enjoy the dramatic landscape. There are several landmark sights worth exploring Venice City Breaks. Surprisingly, you should prefer waterbuses to visit the top attractions. The Romantic air of ambiance and great architecture of Renaissance-era keeps you intact. You can explore all the top attractions with great effort.


Krakow is the Polish city with medieval age heart, where plenty of historical attractions keep you occupied on a holiday. It is the perfect short break destination in Europe, with several landmark sights. Wawel castle, Barbican fortress, and several notable attractions are worth exploring on a holiday. The gorgeous townhouses, café culture and plenty of attractions, make your vacation a memorable experience. Explore the glorious past of Krakow, within a short city break. For exceptional savings, book holidays in advance.


If you are after the most memorable cities in the world, Florence must be your top choice, the capital of the Tuscany region reminds the glorious Renaissance era. It doesn’t matter whether you love great art or architecture, the imposing structures draw you with the imaginary style of beauty. Florence City Breaks gives you a great opportunity to see the works of legendary artists Da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo. Uffizi Gallery is the storehouse of such masterpieces on display. If you want to experience the authentic side of destination, then visit the Oltrarno district, packed with best restaurants, not a shopaholic’s paradise, you can find plenty of craft stores to discover.


Barcelona is not just a city, but an artistic appeal with surreal structures. Further, it boasts a great combination of beaches and artistic delights. Most of the imposing and popular structures are the works of legendary architect, Antoni Gaudi. His surreal style is hard to decipher but stuns you with ethereal beauty. Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and several other structures will never let you down. Within the short city breaks, Barcelona gives an otherworldly experience for pleasure seekers. This football crazy city is an exceptional tourist destination. If you schedule Short City Break during the match, then it would be a win-win situation.


Lisbon is one of the charismatic cities with plenty of attractions. Whether you prefer a short city break or long haul, this great city of Portugal offers plenty of things to do. Its Atlantic beaches, medieval age architecture, colorful houses, and fantastic food are some of the experiences. This gorgeous city witnessed the flourishing era of Portuguese since medieval times. Apart from landmark sites, there are some top class restaurants to taste authentic food. Further, the pleasant Mediterranean type of climate gives you enough scope to explore the best attractions. Visit any time, the destination the coastal city is ready to embrace you on a holiday.


Athens is the heart of ancient Greek civilization. Apart from landmark sights, the destination infused several philosophies and administrative systems that are existing and viable in the present scenario. Moreover, this great land of warriors and philosophers is the great inspiration to world leaders. On a short City Breaks to Athens, you can explore all the landmark sights on a holiday. Explore the world’s ancient architecture styles in the Parthenon and several artifacts in the Archaeological Museum. There are several landmark sights that you should explore on a holiday. It also boasts the Mediterranean type of climate, confidently book a holiday at any point of time in a year.

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