What Is ClipGrab Virus And How To Fix It?

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What Is ClipGrab Virus And How To Fix It?

What is ClipGrab.exe Virus?

ClipGrab is a nasty browser hijacker virus that forces users to purchases sponsored products online. ClipGrab infection is a suspicious application that gets downloaded to a user’s computer system with different applications they download and introduce on the web. Sadly, most clients unconsciously agree and authorize the establishments of questionable projects, as they have not opted for the advanced settings during the establishment of freeware or shareware programs.

There are two forms of the ClipGrab infection.

  • The first is intended to download recordings from YouTube or other prevalent website and change over them into an alluring arrangement, for example, MP3 or MPEG4.
  • Another variant came up significantly later and is circulated as a toolbar for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and different programs.

ClipGrab infection is usually categorized as a PUP, and a browser hijacker virus which alters the web browser startup page delivers sponsored content and changes the default parameters of the search engine to earn revenue of compromised PC setting along with web browser.


Detailed Explanation

Many clients find ClipGrab infection helpful, as it lets them to download and change over YouTube or different recordings into sound arrangements. This enables individuals to carry music in an MP3 player, a telephone, a tablet, or handy comparative gadget. Unfortunately, it’s real picture is a lot different from what is portrayed, and clients are spammed with supported ads relentless. Indeed, even a single click on the “Upload option” can prompt a site which has malware. To have the capacity to execute its suspicious exercises, ClipGrab infection changes internet browser’s settings. In this manner, clients are compelled to browse over a hijacker browser and search engine. Once infected with ClipGrab, casualties can see the accompanying side effects:

  1. Web browser home page gets changed.
  2. The search index is changed to a sponsored third-party engine.
  3. Search results mostly include sponsored products and sites.
  4. Meddling promotion ads and banners show up on the screen from nowhere;
  5. In-text links or different structures or advertisements leads to associated sites promoted by third party agencies.

Likewise, do not overlook the information tracking ability of ClipGrab virus. This implies the data about the web perusing propensities, browsing pattern and history is gathered and examined. You should evacuate ClipGrab infection. For that, you can utilize our standard guidelines underneath or rely on an automated ClipGrab infection evacuation technique.

The second type of ClipGrab spreads like a toolbar

Presented as a toolbar for Google, ClipGrab usually invades your system employing bundling technique e and adds an unidentified toolbar to each of the existing browsers. It makes specific changes like:

  1. Adds an anonymous extension to the Windows Firewall.
  2. Adds a task to the Windows Task Scheduler tab.

Both of these alterations are done keeping in mind the end goal to perform suspicious exercises of the ClipGrab infection with no interferences.

Bundling technique is used to spread ClipGrab Virus

Freeware is frequently packaged with undesirable projects and is the most widely used methods by cybercriminals to distribute PC virus. Furthermore, if you use P2P sharing as the primary source of all downloads, you are consequently at higher danger of undesirable projects invasion. Always use the Custom method of installation and remember to uncheck relative boxed for unidentified toolbars and extensions. Never rush through the Quick/default options as they leverage system vulnerabilities to virus attacks.

Removal of Clipgrab is essential for Computers health

Automated method

Automated programs provide precise results and ensure complete system security round the clock. Choose an efficient program today, install it, update it and perform a system scan. Malware Removal tool are designed to scan your system against malware, detect and delete al PC threats including ClipGrab.

The fundamental download step is mentioned below:

  1. Choose and install an efficient anti-malware program.
  2. Click on the “Run button.”
  3. Next, press the “Scan Now” button to start a system scan.
  4. A list of all detected virus will be displayed on your computer screen.
  5. in the end, click on the Fix Now button to clean “ClipGrab Virus.

Manual Methods to get rid of ClipGrab Virus.


Removal steps for Windows System

  • Click Start → Control Panel → Programs and Features respectively (For Windows XP user, click on Add/Remove Programs).
  • If you are using Windows 10/8 version, then right-click in the lower left corner of the screen. From the Quick Access, Menu select Control Panel, choose to Uninstall a Program.
  • Look out for ClipGrab, and other related programs and press Uninstall followed by the OK button.

Remove ClipGrab from Mozilla Firefox

  • On your computer screen open Mozilla Firefox and open the menu icon form the right side top corner.
  • Select Add-ons followed by Extensions.
  • Select ClipGrab, and related plugins and press the Remove button to remove all questionable entries.

Change altered homepage

  1. On the top right corner click on the menu and choose Options followed by General.
  2. Delete all related URL’s and enter preferable websites or you may also consider clicking on the “Restore to Default” option.
  3. Finally, click on OK button.

Reset Mozilla Firefox.

 On the top right corner click on the menu and choose “Troubleshooting Information.”

  • From the “Reset Firefox to its default state” message click on the Reset Firefox button.
  • Click the same button multiple times to ensure complete removal of ClipGrab.

Tips to keep your system secure against Free Ride Games

  1. Pop-up Blocker: Ads and banners placed on your computer screen are the prominent tactics deployed by hijackers to distribute ClipGrab virus. Using a robust pop-up blocker software will block all such infection to ensure security and data privacy.
  2. Log out: Ensure logging out from all critical sites before closing the related windows. Banking portals and social websites are essential targets and may result in severe cases of phishing assaults and identity theft.
  3. Third party installations: Never install software from unsafe websites. Only trust genuine and legitimate sites for all your downloading needs.
  4. Email protocol: Spam email are notable sources of PC virus and should be avoided by all means. Never access a mail if you are not sure about the sender identity.

The efficiency of Anti-malware tool, when combined with basic hygiene and watchfulness, will ensure complete system security and will arm your system against all zero-day threats.


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