Why Is The Demand Of Indian Art So High?

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Why Is The Demand Of Indian Art So High?

Art lovers don’t miss any chance to get their hands on the extravagant artworks available in the market. Demand Of Indian Art Since globalization has caught pace, different world’s art has been splendidly exposed with everyone. For an example, Indian paintings failed to create any major impact on the western market until unless artists such as S.H. Raza, Francis Newson Souza, and M.F.Husain started to create a stir with their exquisite artworks. It was the majestic artistry of F.N.Souza that 13 years after his demise his artwork was sold at a whopping INR26 crore in the year 2015. Indian paintings have been able to mark their presence in the western world and among the hearts of art aficionados across the globe. So, what is so intriguing about the paintings crafted by the Indian artists? We are going to provide you with some solid reasons that will explain the rise in popularity of Indian paintings. Let’s start:

The rich cultural heritage

Like Egypt and Greece, India is a nation with thousands of years of history that incorporated the fusion of diverse cultures and beliefs. India has seen the rise and fall of multiple kingdoms on its soil. With each reign, came along a unique and attractive form of art. Like, the oldest artwork of India was not so before discovered by the Archaeologists the state of Madhya Pradesh. The artwork was done on a piece of stone and is estimated to be about 2 – 5 lakh years old. Now that’s something, isn’t it? So, India has an extremely sophisticated and rich heritage of art from variegated cultures and beliefs.

Madhubani Paintings

Here are some examples:

Madhubani Paintings: Goes back to the time of Ramayana (around 2500 years old) when King Janakasummoned his artists to decorate the entire palace for the auspicious wedding of Rama and Sita.

PattachitraPaintings: Dates back to the 5th century BC, this form of art originated in the state of Odisha.

Mughal Paintings: During the Mughal reign from 16thto the 18thcentury, Mughal art saw its rise in India.Rajput Paintings: These paintings are originated in the states of Rajasthan in the late 16th and early 17th century. Apart from the affluent heritage of past, Indian art also produced some of the best contemporary, abstract, and modern paintings.

The Indian contemporary art

Along with the greats of Tyeb Mehta and M.F.Husain, Indian contemporary art is also experiencing the brilliance of Subodh Gupta, AtulDodiya, Bharti Kher, Shilpa Gupta and many more. With Indian contemporary paintings getting sold at sky-rocket prices, western art aficionados & collectors are now eyeing the beautiful Indian art more than before. The best part of Indian paintings is that despite any form, Indian artisans ensure to add a pinch of their culture in the artwork. See the top 5 of the most expensive paintings of the legend M.F.Husain, and you will see how artistically and exquisitely the culture of India is blended in each of the artwork.

The Indian contemporary art

Final words

Indian paintings are mesmerizing and quite blissful in appearance. The Indian artists ensure to follow the latest norms of the art world by including the ethnicity of their own culture. The Indian paintings seem quite fresh and enigmatic for the art lovers who are being exposed to only European, American, and Chinese art for so long. Of course, the globalization has played its part in the rise of Indian paintings. If you think you can add some useful points for this discussion, feel free to reach us in the comment section. Thanks!


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